I started in photography when my job as a technical writer required me to take close-up photos of the the innards of a PC in order to write repair and installation manuals. It wasn’t thrilling work, and the photos taken with a cheap point-and-shoot weren’t so great either. But the bug had bit and I started shooting more interesting subjects.

Regardless of subject I always seem to gravitate to close-in shots; not necessarily macros but almost. As i do this, again regardless of subject, the closer in I get the more the subject reveals the abstract at its heart.

After quitting Maggie’s Farm and moving Tucson I started shooting a lot of landscapes. I’m not really a landscape photographer, but it’s hard to pass by the majestic southwest vistas without snapping a few shots.

Now I photograph a variety of subjects as they present themselves to me. I’ve put a sampling on this site.