Secret Canyon

In March I finally got to photograph a slot canyon. Lower and Upper
Antelope are the most famous of the slot canyons in Page, AZ.
Unfortunately they are also extremely crowded. Some folks who
went there told me they couldn’t set up a tripod without someone
knocking into it, let alone get a photo without people in the frame.


Luckily we discovered Secret Canyon. Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures
is the only tour company with access to Secret Canyon. And their three-hour
photographer’s tour guarantees that there will be no more than a maximum
of six people in the canyon (we had five).


And the canyon is magnificent. It is about the length of a football field, and
you can wander and shoot at leisure. Light patterns are constantly changing,
providing a wealth of opportunities. And it’s mostly level and quite easy to
get around.


Two necessities if you go: a tripod and a wide-angle lens.